Low Voltage Design & Installation Services

Low Voltage Design and Installation Services  Clover construction, Chicago contractors, renovation, new homes, kitchen, bathroom, high

Many times, what you can’t see is just as important as what you can see.  That holds true, especially in your home!  Most of us have come to rely on the Internet, enjoy our music systems, and demand that our home is a safe one.  Whether you want to monitor your child visually while in a different room, view the latest film in surround sound, protect every aspect of your home and family, or simply be able to go on-line from any room in your home  —  we will be able to design and install a system that is right for you.   Clover construction, Chicago contractors, renovation, new homes, kitchen, bathroom, high

Smart Home and Entertainment Services:

  • Home Theatre:  We will Design and Install an entertainment system that will make every movie an experience for the senses.
  • WiFi/Internet:  Get connected from any room in your home
  • Surround Sound:  Installation of speaker system that will bring any music or concert recording to life!on, new homes, kitchen, bathroom, high

Fire Alarm, Security, and Building Communication Systems

  • Integrated One and Two-Way Voice Communication Systems:  We install integrated or stand-alone voice systems that are state-of-the-art, digital units, providing the ultimate in safe and effective communication and evacuation.
  • Fire Alarm and Smoke Detector Systems:  These systems can be integrated on to a Master Control Unit, incorporating all systems on premise, or function as a stand-alone unit.
  • Door Locking / Unlocking Systems:  Doors can be locked, or unlocked, from a central location in the event of an emergency.
  • Access Control System: Card or fob system of ingress/egress digitally tracks number of people within the building, providing emergency response team an accurate head count.  System also reduces cost on building/unit lock re-key system charges.
  • Fire Extinguishers:  Sale and service of all sizes and types.
  • CCTV System: Design and installation of a closed circuit camera system with Internet viewing and back-up capabilities.
  • Door & Window Alarm Systems:  Highly customizable systems installed where you need more security!
  • Full integrated Security Systems: Customizable using integrated Door Alarm, Video Surveillance/CCTV, Access Control and Door Systems

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