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Building your dream home should be a rewarding experience — not one filled with frustration and unhappiness. There are many ‘behind the scenes’ steps to building your home as it begins to take shape, and our sub-contractors ( such as plumbing, masonry, etc) take as much pride in their work, as we do in ours. As your home takes shape, our Team will continue to update you on our progress, as well as to offer suggestions on changes or additions you might find desirable. This could range from something as simple as an extra outlet or fixture or as complex as a state of the art integrated entertainment, communication or security system — a different style of interior door to a multi-tiered deck system. Regardless of what it might be, we work closely with you and your architect and will help you navigate the myriad of choices available to you in everything from fixtures to finishes, ensuring that your new home turns out the way that you imagined it.


1334 Woodlawn, Deerfield 

212 Maple Hill Road, Glencoe

1617 South Michigan Avenue

1718 Wrightwood

3843 North Marshfield Avenue

2213 West Shakespeare

 Commercial:   Taco Bell, Melrose Park 

For a list of gut-rehabs in a condo or high-rise setting, please click here!

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