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Tin Ceilings, Mouldings, Walls, Back Splashes and Other Goodies!    I got it in to my head, one late night, that I wanted to make antique looking doors for my kitchen, and that they should resemble the pie safes of old.  Traditional suppliers had a slim selection at astronomical prices for embossed tin, so I started scouring the Internet.  I came across this website and fell in love!  I sent my order in for a hodgepodge of items, and got a phone call, directly from the artist himself.  He wanted to know what I had in mind and I described my thoughts to him.  What arrived on my doorstep were pieces that he modified specifically for my project!  Since then, I have sent numerous people to him  —  his prices are VERY reasonable and his selection is huge.  Whether you decide to install a ceiling, walls, back splash, or one of those crazy and unique projects that I adore, you will enjoy working with Brian.  Brian Greer’s Tin Ceiling Company

 Moulding and Millwork Corp is another place to check out for trim ideas!  Their Photo Gallery showcases come of their recent projects, and offers an Interactive Showroom that allows you to zoom in on an area and check out options.  Crown moulding, paneling and mantel trims immediately increase the value of your home, as well as to express your own personality!                       

 Butcher Block Tables:  We all know about butcher blocks for  your kitchen, but the John Boos Company has taken it to a whole new level, by introducing butcher block topped tables


Really Cool Concrete Work:  Tommy Rock, Inc is a local company that specializes in decorative concrete  —  be it a wall, countertop, fireplace, floor, furniture, or a tree (yes, I said tree!).  The colors, designs and textures he uses are unique to your space…


Tuscan-Style Stone:  A local stone vendor named Stone City carries a wide selection of granite, marble, travertine, and mosaics (stone and glass).  They also have their Tuscany collection which is a beautiful line of cast stone products including pedestal sinks, fireplaces, and columns in a variety of designs.

1800’s Style Copper Bath Tubs!   Handcrafted Metal out of Austin, Texas makes absolutely spectacular products out of copper, zinc and stainless  —  everything from sinks to tubs, hoods to countertops!  Everything is made to order according to your specifications.


Cool Walls:  Totally off the beaten path is Interlam…  They specialize in wall panels that defy description!  These design sheets can be customized to your use, however, and after looking at them, you may just think to yourself “Just WHERE could I put that?!!”

Laminate is not just for counters anymore!  Until recently, when I thought of the word Laminate, visions of 1950’s-era ranch homes and countertops at your local diner popped in to mind!  These days, the uses for laminate are as boundless as your imagination  —  check these out!








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