I will be the first to admit that shopping for tile is one of my favorite parts of the home building process, but it can also be one of the most overwhelming  —  there are just SO many choices!!  You have fallen in love with at least a dozen different styles, colors and textures, but you have only a handful of walls or floors that you actually want to tile, right?  Well, the bottom line is that tile is not just for floors, walls or back-splashes anymore!  You can use virtually any tile to create unique designs as inlays on coffee tables, mirror frames, garden pots, outdoor furniture, etc…  Smaller pieces can be turned into knobs, accents on bowls, pots or lighting fixtures  —  you are only limited by your imagination!   Another route to go would be to create your own unique look by incorporating a variety of different pieces to accent a wall or back splash, and depending on the piece, you could create a custom inlay for your floor or countertop.  Several manufacturers showcased their tile in mosaic form at the April 2009 Coverings show —  gorgeous renditions of paintings, ancient Greek and Aztex patterns, and modernist designs that would be the focal point for an entire space.   There are even tiles specifically designed for use in concrete walkways  —  the sky is the limit when it comes to uses for this versatile product.

 There are so many looks, personal preferences, colors, and vendors  out there that it is literally impossible to give a comprehensive listing here.  What I have done is simply provide you with some artisans and manufacturers who are a bit more off the beaten path.  There are also a handful of artists who encourage you to pick on of their designs and come up with your own color scheme  — the end result if the perfect complement to your vision.  Some of the images have amazing detail  —  click on them to open and view them in a larger format, and then hit the back button to view more.  See what you think of these…!

Adagio Art Glass   Agora Surfaces  Aguayo    Bear Creek Bronze

Campania Italy    Settecento    T.U.C. Corporation    Primestone  Tuscany Stone          cercantile          Accents Con Agua

Terramar Inc          Bellavita Tile          InterStyle Ceramic & Glass

Original Mission Tile          Milstone Marble from Jerusalem




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